Shall We Dance Studio is a well established dance studio offering dance classes for adults, serving Toronto, North York, Scarborough and Markham. Formed in 2004 by Maria Golovanevski, Shall We Dance Studio is run by Canadian National Champions and continues to provide a family atmosphere in a bright and beautiful space.

Studio offers:

Additional services we provide: professional dance entertainment, birthday parties and elegant dance events


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Shall We Dance Team

Maria Golovanevski
Director and Founder

Maria’s dance training began at the age of five in Russia. From an early age she was performing in theaters, exhibitions and galas. By the age of seventeen, Maria had already started teaching dance. After graduation from St. Petersburg State University with Masters Degree of Arts, her career expanded to include international experience. Maria has taught in Russia, Europe and North America. Maria is an honorable member of Canadian Dance Teachers Association and carries the title of Canadian National Ballroom Champion.

Favourite Quote: “Dance, when you are broken open. Dance, if you have torn the bandage off. Dance in the middle of the fighting. Dance in your blood.
Dance when you are perfectly FREE.” ~ Rumi

Ivan Lebedev
Dance Instructor
ivan lebedev

Ivan Lebedev is Russian Professional 10 Dance and Standard Dance Finalist, Canadian Professional Standard Dance Vice – Champion, and Ontario Open standard Dance Champion.

Anastasia Mironenko
Dance Instructor
Anastasia Mironenko

Highly skilled International and American style dance instructor with many years of Ballroom and Latin dance experience.

Office Administrator
Instructor & Studio Manager
Masha Iluykhina

Highly skilled International and American style dance instructor with many years of Ballroom and Latin dance experience.

Dance Instructor
pasha Kudriavcev

Highly skilled International and American style dance instructor with many years of Ballroom and Latin dance experience.

What people say...

Love to come to work!

Maria, Owner, Manager

Sincere and heartfelt wishes for your 8th Anniversary to each and everyone at Shall We Dance Studio 2012.

I have found an extraordinary second home, new and wonderful second family, amazing, kind and caring friends but the best ….. the super star instructors, that are truly, one of a kind.

Shall We Dance has given me a very special and precious gift, “CONFIDENCE”.

Thank you

Success, happiness and good health for the future

With Much Love

Lina, A Special Gift

Three and a half years ago, I was talking to a couple of friends about needing to get out and meet new people; people who enjoyed life and liked to have a good time. Kayaking was an interest and dancing another. Dancing (I thought) you have to have a partner to dance with so I ruled that out, until I was told there was a lovely dance studio not far away from where I live and worked. She told me how friendly the instructors and students were there and you didn’t need a partner. Well, was that an understatement!

After meeting with Maria, I convinced a group of girlfriends we needed to check this out. We started group lessons with a lovely instructor named Kristina. We hadn’t laughed so much in a long time, and we learned Latin dancing! Not long after one by one we each added private lessons (my instructor is the very charming Egor, who always brightens my day), and the entire time attending the weekly practices and monthly dance parties. Three years later, we are still there laughing and actually sometimes we look like we know what we are doing!

Shall We Dance Studio is a very welcoming home away from home, and yes, we have made many new friends, and now I have a partner to practice my dancing with. He also loves to laugh and enjoys the practices and dance parties! Couldn’t have found a better match!

Thank you to the SWD studio for the dancing, home away from home and for introducing me to my special someone.

Denise, Home Away From Home