We would like to thank our clients for taking the time to provide us with their feedback.

Love to come to work!

Maria, Owner, Manager

Sincere and heartfelt wishes for your 8th Anniversary to each and everyone at Shall We Dance Studio 2012.

I have found an extraordinary second home, new and wonderful second family, amazing, kind and caring friends but the best ….. the super star instructors, that are truly, one of a kind.

Shall We Dance has given me a very special and precious gift, “CONFIDENCE”.

Thank you

Success, happiness and good health for the future

With Much Love

Lina, A Special Gift

Three and a half years ago, I was talking to a couple of friends about needing to get out and meet new people; people who enjoyed life and liked to have a good time. Kayaking was an interest and dancing another. Dancing (I thought) you have to have a partner to dance with so I ruled that out, until I was told there was a lovely dance studio not far away from where I live and worked. She told me how friendly the instructors and students were there and you didn’t need a partner. Well, was that an understatement!

After meeting with Maria, I convinced a group of girlfriends we needed to check this out. We started group lessons with a lovely instructor named Kristina. We hadn’t laughed so much in a long time, and we learned Latin dancing! Not long after one by one we each added private lessons (my instructor is the very charming Egor, who always brightens my day), and the entire time attending the weekly practices and monthly dance parties. Three years later, we are still there laughing and actually sometimes we look like we know what we are doing!

Shall We Dance Studio is a very welcoming home away from home, and yes, we have made many new friends, and now I have a partner to practice my dancing with. He also loves to laugh and enjoys the practices and dance parties! Couldn’t have found a better match!

Thank you to the SWD studio for the dancing, home away from home and for introducing me to my special someone.

Denise, Home Away From Home

In September 2011, I joined Shall We Dance Studio and began my private dance lessons with Egor Belashov. I have always enjoyed dancing, whether my involvement has been through specialized dance lesson, or recreational dance. Once I joined SWD Studio, I realized that my passion for dance increased with every lesson and new challenge I experienced.

As a recent University graduate and multiple career women, I believe that dancing is the perfect balance in my life which makes me very happy and leaves me feeling energetic!

I would like to thank my very talented instructor, Egor and the entire SWD team of fantastic dancers for encouraging me to reach my full potential, keeping me healthy and continuously supporting my passion for dance. In addition, the SWD team of dancers have added an entirely new dimension to my life through creativity, energy and expression. I am also very happy to have met such wonderful people who are members at SWD studio.

Overall, the SWD experience has enriched my life and I am truly grateful!

Letizia, Balance Your Life

Shall We Dance Grew to be a part of our life. We both work full time and have two kids. Dancing gives us quality time together, lots of fun and an awesome workout. At Shall We Dance, our teachers don’t just offer to join their set of lessons, they help everyone to find their way with dance. Some people prefer social dancing, some would like to create a wedding dance, we study technique and compete in international ballroom and Latin dancing as a couple. Our teacher Masha is expertly knowledgeable; she not only teaches us to perform our moves correctly, but many more things that allow us to feel fully prepared while competing.

Viacheslav and Natalia, Competitive Dancing

Several years ago, I did a cardiac stress test on a treadmill and did not make it to the two-minute mark without experiencing abnormal heart rhythms that got everyone very excited.

Yesterday, not only did I go as far as they had planned to test on the treadmill, but we actually increased the angle and speed by another level. My cardiologist saw nothing of concern. He also advised me to keep up my dancing hobby as it was great for cardiac fitness and warding off dementia.

So a BIG THANK YOU to all at SWD who are keeping me healthy.

Patrick, Improving Your Health

Since November 2010, I have been attending dance classes at Shall We Dance. The studio presents an energetic, enthusiastic and warm ambiance. Both the instructors and students made me feel welcomed. The group lessons provided an excellent venue for making new and wonderful friends while having fun learning ballroom and Latin dances.

I enjoy that each student is given the chance to review basic and new dance steps with different partners. In this manner we are encouraged to help each other, become more self-confident, and progress at our individual rhythms. The instructors take special interest in helping anyone who experiences difficulty with a certain step. They have never been too busy to answer questions and offer words of encouragement. I have also had the opportunity to take private lessons to learn some Argentine Tango. Now, when I go out for an evening of dance, I am confident in both ballroom and Latin dances, and, although I am a beginner, I welcome the opportunity to Argentine tango. Patience, encouragement, enthusiasm and friendship at Shall We Dance definitely continue to improve my dance skills, and I always look forward to dance classes after a day’s work.

Joan, Making New Friends

After a marriage of 30 years, each new dance step my husband and I learn adds a touch more spice to our lives. Life is a learning experience and by dancing weekly it gives us an opportunity to challenge our bodies and minds, as well as our ability to work as a team. Dancing is like a mini workout that is easy on the body, our balance and our coordination are kept sharp. This quality time my husband and I spend together is like a refreshing pause in our hectic schedule. Our dance lesson is almost like a date.

Our teacher, Egor is technical and patient. He is funny (and can be serious at the same time), inspiring and reassuring. Egor continues to challenge our abilities and he knows how hard and when to push us.

We have been attending Shall We Dance Studio for 7 years and for as long as we both are physically able, we will continue to say “yes” when we as each other “Shall We Dance?”

Mr. and Mrs. W., Spice Up Your Life

When I walked into the Shall We Dance Studio, I was a little bit apprehensive because I did not know anything about Ballroom or Latin Dancing. As I stepped into the studio to do my free trial lesson, the beautiful Latin music was playing and there were people dancing in the group less. I was greeted by a staff member named Egor, who was very friendly, and made me feel comfortable and at ease. The instructor was Kristina, she was very energetic and knowledgeable about the different genres of music. The class was awesome!!!

The many parties that the studio hosts are a lot of fun. They also put on 2 incredible events, Dancing Like the Stars and The Gala. These incredible events are a great way to show off the students hard work.

Since I joined Shall We Dance Studio 3 years ago, it was added a new spice to my life an the energy I feel after every class is invigorating! I am involved in the group as well as private lessons.

The friendly atmosphere and the helpful staff create an ambiance where I could get a great workout while having fun. I would encourage all to come out and have fun!

Wendy, About Groups and Parties

We had such an amazing experience working with your wonderful instructor Natalia.  She was extremely knowledgeable and creative.  Natalia choreographed a unique dance that truly reflected who we are as a couple.  My husband and I are not dance experts and are very shy.  However, none of our guests would have even guessed this about us because of the dance routine we performed and the confidence we gained.

We received so many compliments from our guests on how effortless and wonderful our dance was.  Most thought we had trained for over a year when we really only took 6 lessons!  Natalia and Dimitri were also amazing performers at our wedding.  Our guests thoroughly enjoyed their performance and the way they got everyone on the dance floor without making anyone feel nervous!  Thank you for helping us to make our wedding a very memorable experience

Janine and Brian, Wedding Dance