2019 South American Dance Cruise Itinerary

Posted on Tuesday, January 15, 2019

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December 21,  2019 
Day 1 Sat, Dec 21 Buenos Aires, Argentina: 
Private city tour, Argentine Tango Show and Dinner, bonus- Tango Lesson
Day 2, Sun, Dec 22 Buenos Aires, Argentina Departs 6:45pm: 
The capital of Argentina throbs with creative energy. In this melting pot of cultures—native American, Spanish colonial, Italian, French, British, and more—the local
Porteños greet you warmly with a kiss. Connoisseurs of culture find 300 theaters and 160 museums. Explore the French neoclassical Museo Nacional de Arte Decorativo, near the port, or Teatro Colón, an opera house with interiors as beautiful as the acoustics, in the Centro. You’ll shop till you drop in Buenos Aires, a leader in design. Find clothing, jewelry, and art at lavish Galerías Pacifico, near the port, or browse the fashionable Recoleta quarter for exclusive boutiques. Shop elegant Calle Florida, bustling with bustling with office workers by day and street performers at night. Look for native leather, antiques, and crafts. Eat and drink like a king on your cruise to Argentina, from elegant 19th-century bars to contemporary cafés and restaurants. Discover maté, the local tea, and don’t miss the renowned steaks and excellent Malbec wines. 
Day 3, Mon, Dec 23 Montevideo Uruguay Docked 8:00am to 7:00pm 
Montevideo is a thoroughly modern city with a rich artistic tradition, the reach of the rural estancias is all around you. If ever there were a time you were inclined to indulge, delicious steaks are the specialty of the house in virtually every restaurant.
Day 4, Tu, Dec 24 Punta Del Este Uruguay Tendered 7:00am to 6:00pm 

If South America had purposely created a place to compete with the Riviera, this would be it. Leisurely browse through the chic shops and galleries of Calle Gorlero, or spend a relaxing afternoon people watching from a beachside café while the assorted sun lovers and jet setters around you enjoy one of the continent’s most storied playgrounds.

Day 5, Wed, Dec 25 At Sea

Cruising in Style while dancing at sea, Modern Luxury Lives here Dance lessons, Dance Practice and Dance Party.

Day 6, Thu, Dec 26 At Sea 

Cruising in Style while dancing at sea, Modern Luxury Lives here Dance lessons, Dance Practice and Dance Party.

Day 7, Fr, Dec 27 Puerto Madryn Argentina Docked 8:00am to 5:30pm

This deep water port was founded in 1865 by Welsh immigrants. Extending out into the Atlantic from Puerto Madryn is the Península Valdés, a wildlife sanctuary where vast numbers of sea elephants, whales and penguins far outnumber the few human visitors who make it out this far.

Day 8, Sat, Dec 28 At Sea

Cruising in Style while dancing at sea, Modern Luxury Lives here Dance lessons, Dance Practice and Dance Party.

Day 9, Sun, Dec 29 Cape Horn, Chile

Cape Horn, Chile: Tierra del Fuego, Land of Fire, is the most isolated place in the Americas, and Cape Horn is its southernmost point. Named after the Dutch town of Hoorn in 1616, its craggy cliffs and windswept shores are stark, with a rugged beauty that creates a dramatic setting for the collision between the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans. And, depending on the time of year, you’ll either encounter “hold on to your hat” waves, or gentle currents on a Cape Horn cruise. Visit Cabo de Hornos (Cape Horn) National Park and discover this lush UNESCO protected ecosystem. Created in the 1940s this 155,906-acre national park is home to diverse flora and fauna.

Day 10,  Mon, Dec 30 Ushuaia, Argentina Tendered 7:00am to 4:00pm

Ushuaia, Argentina: No city on the planet has a more southerly latitude. As a result, the sun shines for 18 hours during each summer day, providing ample opportunity to view the mix of glaciers, forests and sea, all framed by Mount Martial to the west and Mounts Olivia and Cinco Hermanos to the east. There’s a magnificent wealth of history and culture to discover on an Ushuaia cruise. The town was formerly a missionary base, penal colony, and naval base, but has increasingly become a major tourist destination with many attractions, including restaurants, sight-seeing, and casinos. Explore Tierra del Fuego National Park on a day hike through the wilderness, or hike along the coast and glacial lakes. The End of the World Museum offers a wonderful glimpse into the history and culture that shaped this city and includes collections of artifacts and pieces from the first expeditions, as well as the indigenous people who once inhabited the region. Savor authentic Argentinean specialties made with the freshest seafood, like king crab, seabass, ceviche, and grilled octopus or the ever popular, slow-cooked Fuegian lamb, and delicious regional wines.

Day 11, Tue, Dec 31 Punta Arenas, Chile Tendered 9:00am to 6:30pm

South America isn’t all tropical rainforests. Around Punta Arenas you’ll find soaring mountains, beautiful national parks, vast ice fields and towering glaciers. The city itself has been a hub of commerce and trade for generations, thanks to its access to both the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans. Trek through Magallanes National Reserve or visit the penguin colony at Seno Otway.

Day 12, Wed, Jan 1 Strait of Magellan, Chile

Strait of Magellan, Chile: This 350-mile journey is a bucket-list experience for most cruisers. Named for the 16th century Portuguese explorer and navigator, Ferdinand Magellan, the Strait of Magellan connects the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans in the far Southern Patagonia region of Chile. On a Strait of Magellan cruise, you’ll encounter the raw beauty of Tierra del Fuego plains in the distance, the imposing Amalia glacier, stunning Seno Eyre fjord, humpback whales, colonies of Magellanic penguins, and much more. You are certain to leave with amazing memories, and pictures, of the breathtaking scenic highlights as you make your way through this corner of the world.

Day 13, Thu, Jan 2 Chilean Fjords

These are some of the most magnificent fjords in the world. As your eyes work their way up the jagged walls of mammoth glaciers, you may be rewarded with an Andean condor sighting. On the ocean’s surface, the Magellan penguins always put on a good show.

Day 14,  Fr , Jan 3 Puerto Montt, Chile Tendered 8:00am to 5:00pm

This coastal enclave lives and dies by the sea, as evidenced by the colorful fishnet floats that adorn the main cathedral’s altar, the dozens of salmon farms that thrive in the hidden bays, and the hundreds of fishing boats that venture out each dawn in search of ocean bounty.

Day 15,   Sat , Jan 4 at the Sea

Cruising in Style while dancing at sea, Modern Luxury Lives here Dance lessons, Dance Practice and Dance Party.

Day 16,  Sun Jan 5 San Antonio, Chile Arrival 5:00am

Cruises to South America visit San Antonio, busiest port in Chile, with roots to the 16th century. Stroll the pleasant Paseo Bellamar for local crafts and harbor views. Blocks inland, visit the Municipal Museum of Natural History to see objects made by indigenous cultures, local fossils, and the skeleton of a blue whale. El Yali National Reserve, 27 miles south, has lagoons and marshlands with swans, herons, owls, ducks, Chilean flamingos, and other birds. Enjoy a day of hiking and picnicking.

Chile cruises arrive at one of the world’s great wine regions, with plenty of wineries to visit. Winemaking here dates to the Spanish conquest, with modern techniques emerging in the 1970s. Cold Pacific waters create cool foggy nights, while clear days bring dry afternoon breezes—perfect for healthy vines and luscious grapes. Rootstock came from Europe more than a century ago. The San Antonio Valley is Chile’s hip, happening wine district. To the north, the Casablanca Valley features wine-tasting facilities and stylish restaurants. Both produce high-quality pinot noir, sauvignon blanc, chardonnay, and Syrah. Just north of San Antonio in Malvilla, Viña Casa Marin is a young winery with slope-planted vines and varying soils and orientations, producing excellent sauvignon blanc. Beyond tours, Casa Marin hosts a fine spa with massages blending lomilomi, reiki, and a glass of wine on the deck.

Casona Veramonte, an inland winery in the Casablanca Valley, traces its roots to Napa and exports most of its product to the United States. Tours begin in the vineyards, proceed to the state-of-the-art manufacturing facility—crushing tons of grapes each day—and culminates in the tasting room. At the William Cole Vineyards, also in Casablanca, grapes are cared for by hand, picked in the mornings, and processed within minutes at the adjacent winery. Wine lovers on cruises to Chile should take advantage of tours through these vineyards and colonial towns—with roadside stands hawking fruits and vegetables as fresh and tasty as the grapes.