FREE Webinar to Boost Physical and Mental Health for Kids and Parents

Posted on Monday, March 22, 2021

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Shall We Dances welcomes you to join us for a free, fun, live interactive 60-minute online webinar.Discover what it means to approach your classes with passion, take care of yourself physically and mentally and dare to dream big.

Exclusively for the students, parents, & staff of
Shall We Dance?


6:30 pm (EST) 
Free Admission    Laptop Required    Limited Space




Your speaker: Peter Sklar 
Ed.M. Harvard University 

Peter will host a 60-minute online interactive talk addressing dance-related pointers gleaned from his 50-year career from Juilliard to Harvard to Broadway. Peter believes that young people who learn how to feel good about themselves and take good care of themselves, embrace the kinds of choices and habits that lead to success.

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Sponsored by: Beginnings Academy
New York, Hollywood, London


Please note that due to the individualized nature of this event, reservations are required and each session is limited to 20 adults or 20 students plus their parents. We regret that students under age 18 can NOT be permitted to attend without the on-screen presence of one of their own parents or a permanent legal guardian. Laptop is required. Thank you!