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Club Dance

Salsa dance  is without a doubt the most popular Latin-American dance in the world. Part of its success is in the music, named after the sauce – hot, spicy and full of Latin flavour: you feel like dancing just from tasting it.
Although it is not very clear who invented  the Salsa dance (Cubans or Puerto Ricans), we can say Salsa is a melting pot of many Latin and Afro-Caribbean dances. It is clear that Mambo was the main influence – even the basic of Salsa move is called Mambo step.
At this point several distinct styles of Salsa dance coexist – LA, NY, Columbian and Cuban Salsa, the latter can be referred as Miami, Casino and Rueda. They can all be danced to the same music, however, differ not just in the logistics, but also in timing.
If you go to a Salsa dance club in Toronto, you will see all kinds of Salsa intermixed.
The main reason for the popularity of Salsa dance is the fact that it can be a social dance based on almost total improvisation – the follower has no idea what the leader would do next. That makes Salsa very exciting with lots of room for creativity, flirtation & fun.

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