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Kids Dance Programs

Empower, Enrich, Elevate: Dance Classes Crafted for Your Child's Growth!

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Step into the magical world of dance under the guidance of our professional instructors. 


Children will learn elegant Waltz, vibrant Cha-Cha, intricate Rumba, and express emotions and tell stories through their movements.


Get ready to groove with "Funky Beats Kids" Hip-Hop!

We're all about fun, energy and cool moves. Kids will learn epic hip-hop routines, build confidence and get active in a vibrant and positive atmosphere.


Experience the grace of dance with "Elegance Ballet for Kids"!

At Shall we Dance, children will learn classic ballet techniques, poise, and creativity while boosting their self confidence.

tik tok dance2.jpg

Welcome to "Tik Tok Grooves for Kids". Follow in the footsteps of your favorite TikToker!

We help kids master the latest Tik Tok moves in a fun and safe environment.


Let's break it down with "Kids' Breakdance Blast"!

Our engaging lessons teach kids cool breakdance moves while promoting fitness, confidence and fun.

Reviews From Students

fang sheng.jpg

Fang Sheng


"My daughter and I have been taking dance classes at Shall We Dance for over a decade. It brought us closer and deepend our love for dance. Like a big family. Highly recommended for a personal touch in every lesson!"

olga khmara.jpg

Olga Khmara


“Awesome place, very talented teachers! My daughter took lessons here for several years - Maria is a wonderful person who loves her works and enjoys teaching! Absolutely recommended!“


Denise Crone-Reynolds


"Excellent instructors, beautiful studio, and a very welcoming atmosphere. Love this studio, everyone makes you comfortable and feel at home. Thank you Maria for your encouragement and enthusiasm to make me feel comfortable on the dance floor."


Andrew Kun


"A highly skilled and talented group of teachers helped us enjoy dancing and improve dramatically over the past nine years. Most valuable is the warm and welcoming atmosphere that Maria creates with her charming personality. Looking forward to continue for a long time."

george kash.jpg

George Kash


"Absolutely Great place!

Amazing and very knowledgeable teachers especially Ivan & Maria!

Thank you so much!"

artur p.jpg

Artur P


"Thank you for igniting passion for dance!"

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