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About Shall We Dance

Welcome to 'Shall We Dance Studio', established in 2004 and led by a Canadian National Ballroom Champion. Our full-sized teaching studio accommodates students of all ages, ensuring personalized attention. Learn with our team of professionals, all certified by the Canadian Dance Teachers Association, offering both private and group lessons. Step into our lively studio and embark on your dance journey with confidence!

Meet the Team

Maria Golovanevki 1_edited_edited_edited

Founder and Director

Maria Elent, the driving force behind 'Shall We Dance Studio', embarked on her dance journey in USSR at age five. By seventeen, she was mentoring young talents. Holding a Master's Degree in Arts from the prestigious St. Petersburg State University, Maria has expertly managed the studio for over 19 years. Yet, it's her distinguished title as the 'Canadian National Ballroom Dance Champion' that truly illuminates her exceptional talent and commitment in the world of dance.

Ivan Lebedev 3_edited.jpg

Lead Instructor

Ivan Lebedev, the heart and soul of our instruction at 'Shall We Dance Studio', brings with him the rhythm and grace of his homeland, Russia. As a Professional 10 Dance and Standard Dance Finalist, Ivan's feet tell tales of dedication and artistry. Beyond these feats, he has been crowned the Canadian Professional Standard Dance Vice-Champion and the Ontario Open Standard Dance Champion. Ivan doesn’t just teach dance; he shares his passion, making every lesson an intimate journey of movement and expression.


Dance Instructor

Carlos Olavide, our charismatic Dance Instructor at 'Shall We Dance Studio', is a maestro of Latin and ballroom rhythms. With a dance journey that began in the vibrant cultures of Venezuela and Peru, Carlos has over a decade of teaching under his belt. Since moving to Canada, he has mentored hundreds, pouring his passion and expertise into each student. Beyond instruction, Carlos's flair is evident in numerous dance competitions and shows where he consistently leaves an indelible mark.


Dance Instructor

Olha Malynovska, a radiant Dance Instructor at 'Shall We Dance Studio', began twirling to the rhythms of Ukraine from a tender age. Her dance spectrum is broad and vibrant, spanning from the classic grace of ballet to the pulsating energy of hip hop, and including the diverse worlds of modern, jazz, and burlesque. Both children and adults eagerly step into Olha's classes, where they not only master dance techniques but also immerse themselves in her captivating choreography. With Olha, every move is a tale of passion and precision.


Adri Moraru

Dance Instructor

Adri Moraru isn't just any Dance Instructor at 'Shall We Dance Studio'; she's a whirlwind of energy, passion, and fun! Her dance story began with delicate ballet steps, got a twist with thrilling gymnastics flips, and was spiced up with ballroom and Latin grooves right here at our studio. Adri has a special knack for connecting personally with her students. Whether you're 7 or 70, under her wing, you're not just learning dance steps – you're becoming a part of Adri's vibrant dance family, one fun-filled move at a time!


Gleb Golovachev

Dance Instructor

Gleb Golovachev, our Dance Instructor at 'Shall We Dance Studio', isn't just a '10 Dance Ballroom and Latin European Champion'—he's a genuine dance enthusiast. As North America's rising star with over 5 years of teaching prowess, Gleb seamlessly connects with students, turning dance lessons into memorable, personal experiences for both kids and adults alike.


Kaitlyn Close

Office Manager

Kaitlyn Close, our diligent Office Manager at 'Shall We Dance Studio', is the epitome of efficiency and warmth. With over a decade in customer service, she truly understands the art of satisfaction. A proud holder of a bachelor's degree in education, Kaitlyn joined our dance family in 2010, and since then, she's been the harmonizing force behind our seamless operations.


Tatiana Rotova

Dance Instructor/Administrative Assistant

Tatiana Rotova, our cherished Dance Instructor at 'Shall We Dance Studio', weaves magic on the dance floor. With the prestigious title of '10 Dance Ballroom and Latin European Champion', her dance credentials are awe-inspiring. But more than that, it's Tatiana's personal touch, honed over 5 years of teaching, that makes each lesson special. Celebrated as a North American rising star, she pours her heart into every session, ensuring both kids and adults not only learn but feel the joy of dance, be it for competitions or memorable events.

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